I-Divers with UiTM Students.

On 17 May 2014, I-Divers has been invited by UiTM Shah Alam students to share our diving experiences and give some training for them. There are 6 female students for UiTM involve in this session.

First session started with the diving equipment briefing. In this session, the students learned to identify all the equipment and functions of each equipment. After that, our trainer showed two basic techniques in SCUBA diving which is ‘Mask Clearing’ and ‘Regulator recovery’.  

Once all the 6 students able to do these two techniques, our trainers brought them to the deep pool (5 meter). Here, they will dive to the bottom of the pool and experience like the real dive in the ocean. They experience how to equalize the pressure in the water and their body. Some of them easily handle the pressure and the other was a bit in trouble. However, all of them enjoyed the diving experience with us and will enroll with I-Divers Diving School.